Thursday, March 8, 2012

Health & Fitness: Yoga Among Other Things

On matters on indulgence, I think it's important to indulge in your health and fitness. Adapting healthy habits helps promote a better you. Since my last post, I have adopted a few:

Keeping a food journal
Practicing Yoga
Reading health magazines and books

Though these things may appear tedious to some, the mental and physical awareness of health and fitness makes it easier. 2012 is the year to indulge in healthy habits. Have you adopted any healthy habits since the start of the year, share?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book Review: The Happiness Project Ch.1-2

As I began to read this book, it dawned on me that I have already started my own happiness project. This blog is an example of the project's development. Gretchen Rubin defines the happiness project as "an approach to changing your life".  She describes the book as a narrative of her own happiness project, interestingly, every individual’s happiness project will have a story of its own. 
 In the first two chapters the author focuses on the areas of "vitality" and "marriage" to increase her happiness. She observes that small changes such as sleeping earlier, exercising better, organizing the household, tackling forgotten tasks and acting more energetic help to boost both physical and mental energy. Somehow this outer organization balances the inner-self. More sleep, a clean house and more exercise, who knew!
In chapter two (second month- February) she focuses the project on her marriage, sighting that research indicates that "a good marriage is one of the factors most strongly associated with happiness"(p.39). Thus, she resolves to show proofs of love, quit nagging and other small changes to improve her happiness.  She concludes the chapter with the realization that since you cannot change anyone but yourself, you should not expect your spouse to change in order to boost your happiness. Instead, focus on the things you can change about yourself to improve happiness in your marriage, of course, "within reason".
One interesting passage that reflects on the content of this blog is the following:
               "I'd wondered whether my happiness project was self-fish, because it seemed  self-indulgent to concentrate on my own being happy myself, I was better able to try to make other people happier. Happy people generally are more forgiving, helpful, and charitable, have  better self-control, and are more tolerant of frustration than unhappy people…" (p.55).

Start your own happiness project and Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happiness Binge

Happiness is not a goal but a journey, so I've heard. But does it really hurt to make happiness a goal? I think in this instance the journey and the goal are intertwined. But what does it mean to be happy? Since it is a relative concept, happiness means different things to different people.  Happiness to me is that feeling that you get that you can’t stop smiling (like when you first fall in love). In this journey of indulging in self-love it is important to binge on happiness.   It is also important to find joy in the little things to appreciate the bigger picture.  Practice smiling in the mirror.
For the month of August join me in reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Please follow this link for more information on the book  Happy Reading!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Self-love Defined

What is Self-love?

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, self-love is the "regard for one's own happiness or advantage". Many times it is confused with the concept of self-esteem which the dictionary defines as self-confidence or self-satisfaction. Most of the time however, it is associated with the concepts of egoism, selfishness and narcissism. All of which conjure a negative view of self-love.  

Despite this, self-love is ultimately about happiness, considering one's happiness and well being. Mothers usually put everyone’s' needs and desires above their own.  As the saying goes, "you can't take care of others until you take care of yourself". I believe that the best mother is a mother whom is happy. That happiness, will transcend in all that she does and will have a positive impact on her family. So love yourself and do what makes you happy... the possibilities are endless and your family will thank you.